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Welcome to Forbes Pond!

The next cabin saga begins August 9th and lasts through August 20th. Someone or something will be there for this entire period! Come one, come all!!!

What are we up to? Well, it looks like we'll be putting up all the floor joists for the second floor, carrying and installing floor boards, and constructing the frame and joists for the roof. Is it possible? Yes it is. The cabin is nearing completion.

Everyone who's interested in joining me on this insanity is welcome!!! Just email me: scott@forbespond.com or leave a comment in the Forum. Just click the link above and post the dates you'll be there.

What have we done so far this year? We finished all the walls of the new cabin, cut and installed all the first-floor floor joists, hefted and mounted the sill logs for the second floor, cut and peeled all the logs for the roof and second-floor joists and installed solar power on Bob's cabin. That's right boys and girls, we have a fridge with ice cold PBR!


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